PARC-Pedagogic Audiovisual Research Center

We produced student videos from 4 countries and after the end of the project we would like to expand continually the center with new audiovisual contents from other European schools. This online center is supporting the European educators with audiovisual contents, professional materials and with thematic discussions. Target groups: teachers, university professors, educators, interested citizens and students.

Hungarian Student Films:

Czech Student Films:

Polish Student Films:

Romanian Student Films:


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Research and educational materials (PDF)

Ötvös István: Show Trials in the Communism

Máthé Áron: „Behind Iron Curtains” – the unchanged communism

Bank Barbara: A külső és belső vasfüggöny kezdetei

Csatári Bence: Youth Policy behind the Iron Curtain after 1956

Szári Norbert: Commercials in the Kádár Regime

Alina Thiemann: Collective Memory and the Bounds of Oral History

Professor dr. Luminita Rosca: I was a journalist in the Communist Romania

Professor dr. Valentina Pricopie: How to deal with European Democracy in the Communist Romania?

Paweł Spodenkiewicz: Everyday Life of a Female Worker